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an introduction by Clair Marr

"The field of digital communications is ever changing, affecting the way we all work and interact online. Advances in technology, the way users interact with our online brand, changes in the way search engines rank websites and social media networking have led to a diversification of the type of communications that people expect.

We aim to capture the attention of the end-user and engage them whilst working to make the 'shop front' of your business more visible. People relate to people whether you are face to face or on a screen at opposite ends of the world"

how we work


Every project may be different but they all start with research and discovery. We work with you to identify the key objectives for your project and establish a set of deliverables that you feel comfortable with. Once we have signed off all the relevant paperwork, we advance to the next stage.


For complex digital jobs this usually features work on the SEO portion of your website. It is important to recognise the importance of establishing the foundations for your SEO work at the onset, as these will form the basis of any on page SEO elements that we integrate.


The fun can then begin and we present two design visuals for you to choose between. We are a design focused company and find that clients love this element of surprise, as they are presented with a visual that meets the brief, followed by a wild card. We find that over 80% of clients choose the wild card design. Sometimes we don't know what we want until we see a concept visualised.




The design part of the job can vary from client to client. Some are complex branding, stationery, collateral as well as online solutions and others purely digital and online design solutions. We don't mind, we are both experienced and comfortable designing for both online and print. Working with a design firm in this way ensures consistency across your corporate communications.

Once the site is being built, the artwork prepared and the SEO implemented, we ensure that the client is involved, advised and listened to every step of the proofing process. We believe that by closely working together our clients develop a better understanding of the industry and it's language. We enjoy explaining, rather than baffling with industry speak.

If you have a project, a question or need any more information on the services that we offer, please contact us.

clair marr


The Graphic Edge was established by Clair Marr in 2003, an art director with over 15 years commercial design experience. Clair Marr is an experienced and accomplished art director, web programmer and SEO advisor. She overseas all projects to ensure the highest possible quality is delivered client side.


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