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On Location Web Design and SEO

Friday, April 24, 2015

This job presented a challenge due to falling rankings for some well performing keywords.

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On Location SEO and web design

The company's new site design had not been set up to keep the good reputation digitally that this organisation had worked hard to initially achieve. The site foundations required restoring and establishing from the ground up and clear direction provided to inform the client of potential areas for expansion and future growth. With key clients such as Virgin Media and The Olympic ceremony, On Location needed a visibility and hook that would reassure, impress and engage existing clients whilst providing a good range of  informative and interactive content for potential new site traffic. 

The portfolio pages also needed to be straightforward for the client to update whilst retaining a branded and well designed layout for browsing and socially sharing.

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If you require help with a website design or SEO project and would like to think about building on solid seo foundations then please get in touch. We don't believe in baffling with science and want our clients to have as much ownership over their site as they can. We like to put plans in place to direct the client as well as establish groundwork for achieving future goals and evolution and expansion of various sections of the website. We simply do not believe that clients should have to completely rebuild their websites every few years but prefer to help them stay ahead of the curve and anticipate any changes in this field.